Student Achievements

The Academy's students have received Gold and Silver medals for achieving the highest marks in Alberta on their piano, voice and theory exams. They are winners and scholarship recipients of the Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival, Fall Festival and Talent Explosion Festival, and are finalists of the Canadian Music Competition.

Our students have performed piano concertos with the Youth Orchestra after winning 1st Prize in the Northern Alberta Concerto Competition.

Former students now study music at McGill University in Montreal, and have graduated from the Juilliard School of Music in New York and the University of Toronto.

•  Alex Han, a student of Tanya Fridman has won a Senior Piano Award and a $175 Scholarship at the Kiwanis Music Festival in May 2019.

•  Fremonte Ji, Tanya Fridman's student has won a $100 Scholarship in the Kiwanis Music Festival in April 2019.

•  Hilton Truong, a student of Tanya Fridman has achieved the Highest mark in Alberta on his Grade 9 Piano exam in August 2017 and received a Gold Medal for his achievement. 

 •  Ilia Kamyab, a student of Matthew Wicks received an outstanding mark on his Grade 8 Piano exam 93%. Congratulations to Kelly Luk for achieveing 90% on his Level 9 History exam in August 2017!

•  Jack Barnes and Sebastian Lind, students of Matthew Wicks received 90% on their Grade 6 and Grade 3 Royal Conservatory Piano exams in June 2016. 

• Katianne Bargen, a student of Joseph Fridman, performed at four city Festivals in April-May of 2016, winning five Scholarships that include the Lyle Moore & Senior Piano Scholarships in St. Albert, the Shean Memorial & 100th Anniversary Piano Scholarships in the Edmonton Kiwanis Festival, and the Shean Competition Community Foundation Scholarship.

• In April of 2016, Tanya Fridman's student Yevgeniia Slipko won 1st PLace and a $250 Scholarship in the Dorothy Buckley Piano Scholarship Class.

• Yevgeniia Slipko, a student of Tanya Fridman, won 1st Place and a $200 Scholarship from Alberta Ukrainian Society at the 2015 Kiwanis Festival. Soon after, Yevgeniia was awarded 2nd Place at the Provincial Music Festival.

• Jacob Ridgway was the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Young Composer of 2014. His composition was performed at the ESO Symphony Under the Sky on Friday, August 28, 2015 at the Heritage Amphitheatre in Hawrelak Park. Jacob has been studying piano at the Academy with Joseph Fridman since 2011.  

•  Caitlin Aherne, a student of
Denice Bennett, earned 94% on her grade 5 Royal Conservatory exam in Voice in January 2015. Soon after, Caitlin won a Gold Medal for achieving the highest mark in Alberta. 

• In May of 2011 Elsie Hoover, a student of Tanya Fridman, received the $1,000 A. Munn Piano Scholarship.

• In April of 2010 Elsie Hoover received an award of $2,000 for winning the Shean Memorial Scholarship,  while preparing for her Grade 10 Piano exam under the guidance of
Tanya Fridman.

• In February of 2007 Kero Yuen, a student of Joseph Fridman, performed with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in a series of School Education Concerts at the Winspear Centre. The concerts were dedicated to the music and life of Ludwig van Beethoven. Kero played “Fur Elise” by Beethoven in six sold out concerts. In March of 2009 Kero was invited, for a second time, to play the music of Beethoven with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. 

•  In May of 2006 Tanya Fridman's student Lillian Zuo won 1st Place in Provincial Piano Competition.

•  In April of 2000 Joseph Fridman's student Desmond Foo won 1st Place in Piano Concerto Competition and performed as a soloist with Youth Orchestra in Edmonton.

• In June of 1998 Thomas Zhou, a student of Tanya Fridman, received a silver medal from Royal Conservatory of Music for achieving the highest mark in Alberta in his grade 6 Piano exam.