Piano Workshops & Masterclasses with Joseph Fridman

Workshops Topics


- Paradoxes of Efficient Piano Practicing 

- Principals of Russian Piano School &   

  Russian Piano repertoire

- Structure, Style, Technique and Touch in Piano Music

- Life of the Musical Phrase

- Music as a second language

- Interpretation, Artistry and 

  Spontaneity in Piano Performance

- Free and "Hearing" Hands

- Piano Games for Beginners

Why take a Masterclass?


-To hear familiar work afresh

-To get new insights into interpretation of the pieces

-To quickly identify and solve technical problems

-To obtain a professional second opinion on the student's strong and weak points

-To encourage students to practice, using "the new teacher's effect" (when a student may respond better)

-To give students an opportunity to perform, listen to each other, think, discuss and socialize in a musical environment

-To inspire teachers to find new ways of teaching and motivating students

-To better prepare for festivals, competitions and exams

Masterclass Requirements


- Up to 6 students / class

- 2 hours minimum

- Preferable level: Grade 3 to Advanced

- Age: Unlimited

- Time: Flexible

- Fee: $120 per hour

To schedule a Masterclass, Workshop or Individual Session

Sample: Contents of a workshop "Paradoxes of Efficient Practicing"

-Learn the piece precisely and fast: stumbles and hesitations...are good!

-Quickly identify and solve technical problems: to make your hands play or let them find the way?

-Sound illusions and technique: what is the connection?

-Learn the Music, not only the text: "Hot cross buns" and  Beethoven's Sonata

-Manage your attention: to think or not to think?

-Develop listening skills: listen to the...silence!

-Be your own teacher: do not let responsibility...let you down

-Practicing vs. computer game: what is more interesting?

Individual Sessions with Piano Teachers on Piano Repertoire & Pedagogy

Individual sessions with piano teachers are based on European, Canadian and Russian piano pedagogy principles.